Friday, March 29, 2013

Design Elements {Wood} | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Rustic weddings have become so popular lately and even brides that aren't planning a rustic wedding are looking for ways to incorporate it into their special day. One of the most popular ways to do that is with carved wood and other wooden design elements.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedding Inspiration Wednesday {Peach Weddings} | North Carolina Wedding Planner

When I think of peach weddings, my mind instantly goes to Jane Fonda's hideous dress in "Monster-In-Law". Today, I'm getting rid of those negative connotations by sharing some stunning peach wedding inspiration. You can also check out our Pinterest page for even more great ideas.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Popcorn Bar Ideas | North Carolina Wedding Planner

I stumbled on this idea when I was trying to find inspiration photos for our series of bar alternatives and I think it is so cool. Whether you choose to serve flavored popcorn, colored popcorn, kettle corn, or all of the above, your guests will definitely love this idea.

Plus, what a great post-wedding snack!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Inspiration | North Carolina Event Planner

Easter is just around the corner and today we're sharing some of our favorite Easter activities and decor ideas. I love so much about Easter! The pastel colors, decorating eggs, amazing church services, and marshmallow peeps.

Looking for a great gift idea? How about these adorable and easy to make Easter bunny jars?

I love these adorable eggs from Craft Gawker! These would be adorable in an Easter basket.
I love these marshmallow bunny tails. I'm sure the kids would love them in their Easter baskets too!
These awesome eggs are so easy to make. Simple make your dye and place your egg in. Let it sit. Then add a little more water and let egg sit. Continue doing this until the egg is covered. So pretty and fun to make!
Check out these adorable centerpieces!
My daughter loves to hunt Easter eggs so this year we were trying to come up with ways to make it even more fun for her. I found these neat ideas that we're planning to try with her this Easter.
How about a glow in the dark easter egg hunt?! Use glow in the dark bracelets so that you can manipulate the shape and put them inside plastic Easter eggs. Hide and enjoy the fun!
We always fill our Easter eggs with candy or money, but there's always so much candy that it never gets eaten and the money gets lost so easily by the time we're doing our third Easter egg hunt since my daughter never gets enough of it. This year we're throwing in some fun coupons that she can cash in. I think she's going to LOVE it!
Alright, last but not least, we're sharing some adorable Easter snacks! Up first, these adorable Easter s'mores. I don't know why I never thought about putting peeps on a s'more before, but these are so pretty and they look delicious!

Do you have your own special Easter traditions? Share them with us!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wedding Inspiration Wednesday {Silver Weddings} | North Carolina Wedding Planner

What glam bride is not in love with the idea of a silver wedding? You really don't get much glitzier than that! Today we're sharing all of our favorite ideas for your glamorous silver wedding, bling and all!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Candy Buffet Ideas | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Everyone loves a candy buffet. These are especially popular right now and there are so many great companies that even allow couples to personalize their candy wrappers.
My favorite thing about candy buffets is that you can pick candies that match your wedding colors!
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

St Patrick's Day Breakfast Fun | North Carolina Party Planner

Earlier today we shared our St Patrick's Day wedding inspiration, but I just had to share this adorable St. Patrick's Day breakfast (or snack) idea. Enjoy!!

What kid wouldn't love this?!

St Patrick's Day Wedding Inspiration | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Are you planning a St. Patrick's Day wedding? Well, I'm so glad you tuned in today, because I'm sharing some of my favorite ideas for the perfect St. Paddy's Day nuptials.

Don't forget to check out our post about fun St. Patrick's Day party ideas and activities later today too!! You can also follow us on Pinterest for even more inspiration all year round.

A bagpiper is a must for a St. Patrick's Day wedding!!
I am in love with this dress from Party Simplicity!
Don't forget your green!! You definitely don't want to get pinched on your wedding day!
{Amy Carroll Photography}