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Rustic Wedding Inspiration | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Today we're hoping to inspire all of our rustic and shabby chic brides!! Check out some of the amazing inpspiiration we've found and check out our Pinterest Page for even more ideas!

A barn and boots!! Can I say wedding heaven??
What a simple and amazing cake stand!!
I am absolutely in love with this gorgeous handmade guestbook! M Square Press offers tons of other options too!

There is nothing quite like a rustic wedding! Would you like more ideas & inspiration? Give us a call or shoot us an email to set up a complementary consultation. We would love to help you plan your gorgeous shabby chic affair!
Happy Planning!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Formatting Your Wedding Ceremony | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Preludes, interludes, and readings...oh my!! Where do you even begin?
How do these seemingly random pieces fit together to create your ideal wedding ceremony? There are many ways to personalize your ceremony but the general "formula" is pretty simple.
Prelude: Typically lasts about 15-45 minutes. There is generally light, festive music performed by your ceremony musicians as your guests arrive and are shown to their seats. The final guests to be seated are usually the grandparents, mothers, and any other special family members. You may even choose special musical selections for these entrances.

Welcome/Opening Remarks: Your officiant will greet your guests and remind them why they are gathered on this special day. They may also offer a short sermon or prayer.
Readings: It is incredibly common to invite loved ones and/or close friends to read selections that either you or they have selected to add meaning to your marriage ceremony.
Question of Intent: During this part of your ceremony, your officiant will ask you about your willing consent and commitment to enter into the union of marriage.
Vows: You can exchange traditional vows with your fiance or perhaps even write your own vows. This is the time to tell your fiance about your promises and hopes for the future and your commitment to each other.
Exchange of Rings: This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Special Ceremony: This can be anything from a unity candle or sand ceremony to something even more unique like a honey ceremony. We'll be talking more about ways to customize your wedding ceremony in an upcoming post. Be sure to check back for that.

Final Blessing: Your officiant will bless you as newlyweds, you will share your first married kiss, and he will announce you as Mr. & Mrs. for the very first time!

Recessional: You and your spouse will take your first walk down the aisle as a married couple! You will be followed by your attendants, family, and wedding guests. Music should begin following your first married kiss.

Postlude: Upbeat and festive music should continue until all of the guests have exited the ceremony area.

Have any questions about formatting your ceremony? Email us to set up a complementary consultation to discuss how we can help you create your dream wedding!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The True Cost of A Wedding Knot | North Carolina Wedding Planner

I found this awesome infographic today and just had to share!


Planning Your Greensboro Wedding | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Greensboro is the perfect setting for a wedding! Nestled in the foothills of North Carolina, it offers the rich culture of a big city and the elegant charm of the South.
With so many venues to choose from, Greensboro can accommodate your elegant ballroom affair, your intimate garden ceremony, or your rustic southern wedding.

There's plenty for your guests to do too! They can visit any of the local parks, art galleries, theaters, check out some fantastic restaurants, or enjoy the night life downtown. Guests with kids can even check out the Greensboro Children's Museum, the Natural Science Center, or in the summer they can visit Wet 'N Wild Emerald Pointe.

Plan for Greensboro's weather. Summer days tend to be hot and often humid. Consider providing small fans for your guests if you're planning an outdoor ceremony. Thunderstorms are frequent during the spring and summer months. Be sure to have a back up plan for an outdoor wedding and/or any outdoor photos.

Looking to plan a stress-free Greensboro wedding? Give us a call or shoot us an email! We'd love to help you plan your dream wedding in our beautiful city!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Client Review | North Carolina Wedding Planner

At Any Way You Want It Weddings & Events, we love getting reviews from our clients and their wedding guests. Nothing is quite as nice as checking my email and finding a warm & fuzzy letter from a bride or groom telling us what a great job we did for them.

We thought it would be great to share some of these amazing reviews with you!

"Alina Thompson, our Wedding Director, from Any WayYou Want It Weddings and Events, was an absolutely wonderful asset to our special wedding day! She was so professional, friendly, and prompt in each thing that she did for us. I would recommend her services to anyone. She helped make our memorable day even more wonderful!"


Alina Fuentes Thompson, again, you have done another wonderful wedding job! I will recommend you any time. J

-Leslie, greeter at Joni & Doug’s wedding

Want to see more of our reviews? Check out our testimonials!

Have you attended one of our events? Please give us a review!! You can email reviews directly to us at, post them on our Facebook page, or visit us on Wedding Wire.

Cyber Monday | North Carolina Wedding Planner

We've had so many awesome specials the last few days for Thanksgiving/Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday that I was stumped trying to come up with a great one for Cyber Monday. So, today we're giving away a Ceremony Coordination Package for $50!!!!!!!! That's a savings of $250+!!!

How do you claim this great deal? Book your complementary consultation before midnight today (11.26.2012) and book your wedding (with a signed contract) by December 31, 2012 and it's yours!! You can book your consultation via email or by phone at 336.549.7829.

*This deal cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer expires 11.26.2012 at midnight.

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Small Business Saturday | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Don't forget to shop small today and support local businesses for Small Business Saturday. Today only, we are offering $100 off any of our coordination packages (Deluxe Coordination, Reception Coordination, & Ceremony Coordination) and we are offering $250 off any of our planning packages (Deluxe Planning, Full Planning, and Partial Planning). Claim your deal by booking your complementary consultation today!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Real Wedding: Shelena & Brad | Greensboro, North Carolina Wedding Planner

{Photo by IBE Photography}

Shelena and Brad were married in a beautiful ceremony at Revolution Mill Studios in Greensboro, NC.  We had planned for a gorgeous outdoor ceremony in the courtyard, but terrible storms that day forced us inside. Luckily, we had worked out a rain plan well in advance and Shelena was able to enjoy spending time with her bridesmaids and family while we moved everything inside.

{Photo by IBE Photography}

Shelena entered down one of the gorgeous staircases, while Brad waited for her in front of the french doors. They lit a unity candle and enjoyed a quiet ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

{Photo by IBE Photography}

Once the reception started it was an entirely different event. All of the guests were dancing and enjoying the terrific food and refreshments. Everyone kept telling us what a wonderful time they were having.

It was a joy to work with such a wonderful couple, who so obviously love each other.

{Photo by IBE Photography}
{Photo by IBE Photography}

And I know we've already shared this several times, but I just can't get enough of this trailer by FaseOne Productions!
Many thanks to our fabulous vendor team:
Planning/Coordination: Any Way You Want It Weddings & Events - Greensboro, NC
Venue: Revolution Mill Studio - Greensboro, NC
Officiant: Pastor Wayne Robinson - Greensboro, NC
Videographer: FaseOne Productions - Randleman, NC
Cake: Sweet Meg's - Greensboro, NC
Florist: Bears, Balloons, and Beyond - Greensboro, NC
Ceremony Musicians: Passion Purpose Destiny, LLC - Winston-Salem, NC
Photographer: Christi Austin Photography
Lighting: Triad DJ
DJ: The Wood Organization - Greensboro, NC
Chair Rentals: Brenda's Costumes & Rentals - Greensboro, NC

Catering: Table 16 - Greensboro, NC

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks | North Carolina Wedding Planner

In our digital world, thank you notes seem unnecessary to many couples, but in all honesty a handwritten thank you note may be your only chance to say thanks. Writing your thank you notes does not have to be a painful process. Hopefully with some of our tips and advice, it'll actually be easy (maybe even enjoyable).
In general, thank you notes should be short, sweet, and uncomplicated, but you should not delegate this task. Thank you notes should be written by you. By hand. ASAP.

A well written thank you note should mention the gift, how much you like it, and how you intend to use it. You may also want to add a few words to the recipients regarding how much you enjoyed (or missed) them at your wedding. Be sure that you both sign the note.
Now every once in awhile you'll receive the absolutely hideous, destined to be returned type of gift. Brush up on your euphemisms - bold, unusual, unique, etc. or try to focus on the thought behind the gift.

Writing thank you notes for monetary gifts can be a little trickier. Be sure to avoid words like cash or check. Consider saying "your generous gift" instead and avoid mentioning the exact amount. It's also nice to mention how you plan to use the money.
It's also nice to send thank you notes to all those people who got you through your day - the caterer, the photographer, your planner, etc. As a wedding vendor I can tell you - we LOVE sweet notes of thanks from our clients!

Was this helpful for you? Have any questions? Set up a complementary consultation and we'll be happy to answer all of those questions.

Happy Thanksgiving | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful clients, fans, friends, and family!!!

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Black Friday Special | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - Friday, November 23, 2012

Book our Deluxe Planning Package or our Full Planning Package and get our Deluxe Coordination Package FREE!!!

Please call or email us with any questions or to book your wedding today!

Why Hire a Professional Photographer | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Today we are very excited to feature our very first guest blogger, Elizabeth Glessner of Glessner Photography. Elizabeth is a wonderful photographer with a great personality. If you're looking for an amazing photographer for your wedding day give Glessner Photography a call, right after you read this blog of course!
Today, everyone has a digital camera and is more than willing to photograph your wedding for free. And let’s be real… who doesn’t like free? BUT, you know that saying if something seems too good to be true, it probably is? That applies here.  
The truth is that great wedding photography is something that comes with lots of training, practice, and experience, which usually translates into money. The one thing all too many brides forget is this: at the end of the day, after you’ve invested hundreds of hours of your time into planning a spectacular event and your hard earned cash is spent on a dress, venue, planner, cake, etc., all you’ll have left besides your memories are the photographs that bring them to life. 
Of course, a photographer is going to tell you that you should hire a professional... because they want you to hire them, right? While we love working with our clients, we know not everyone is the right fit for us. So if not for the money, why would we want you to hire an experienced professional?

           1. Expecting the Unexpected. On a wedding day, even with the best of planners, things sometimes don’t unfold exactly as planned. Sometimes the bride is running an hour late or it rains and your beautiful outdoor wedding is moved indoors. Professional photographers are prepared for all sorts of situations. They don’t cave under pressure. They alter the schedule without panic when someone is running late. They have the lights and equipment necessary to make the images from a sudden indoor wedding look just as beautiful as the outdoor event you were planning.
           2. Planning is key. One of the great benefits to a professional is that they know the importance of planning in advance. They work with your planner weeks in advance of your wedding to make sure everyone is on the same page. They know how to avoid chaos and missed photos. For example, we send out a pre-wedding questionnaire to all of our brides about a month before their event to find out the names of the wedding party (so we’re not shouting out “hey you!”), get a list of the must-have family photos, and figure out what special customs might be taking place that we definitely don’t want to miss because we didn’t know about it.

            3. Be Equipped. Professional photographers have a range of equipment to accommodate a variety of circumstances. Nikon v. Canon doesn’t really matter all that much, but fast lenses, lighting, and good camera bodies that operate well in low light are very important for capturing a wedding. And what happens when a camera or a flash malfunctions and decides not to work? A pro has backup equipment and keeps shooting with business as usual.

            4. Equipment isn’t everything, though. A person can have all the right equipment, but if they don’t know how to use it, it’s worthless. A good photographer knows how to use their camera in various settings, utilize lighting so that it flatters the subject, and compose a breathtaking photo. Most importantly, professionals bring vision along with their equipment to your wedding day.

            5. Date your photographer. When all is said and done, the most important thing when hiring the person to capture your big day (much like in dating and marriage) is to know, love, and trust your photographer. Know what to expect from them throughout the pre-wedding, wedding day, and post-wedding process, love their work, and trust them without doubt to capture your day.

Elizabeth Glessner is the owner and lead photographer of Glessner Photography in High Point, North Carolina.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Get a Backup Wedding Photo Location | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Having a Plan B is one of the smartest things you can do when planning your wedding - especially for your photos!

Do you have your heart set on photos at the Arboretum? Or maybe you're getting married at Revolution Mill Studio and can't wait to have wedding photos taken on the railroad tracks. Do you have a rain plan? If it rains the night before, do you really want to drag the train of your white dress through the mud?

Think it through! Have an alternate location and communicate this to your planner (or coordinator) and your photographer.

Otherwise, be prepared to embrace the rain! (You may even prefer this option, rain does open up lots of great photo ops!)


Friday, November 16, 2012

Vendor Spotlight: FaseOne Productions | North Carolina Wedding Planner

We worked with FaseOne Productions earlier this year at Shelena & Brad's wedding. They were an absolute joy to work with. They were incredibly professional, always on the ball, and shot some amazing video!
Check out the fabulous trailer they sent us from Shelena & Brad's wedding. We just can't get enough of it!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Don't Forget The Guests | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Obviously when you start planning your wedding, you'll be thinking about what you want, what your fiance wants, how to keep the parents happy, sticking to your budget, and how to do all of this and still achieve your dream wedding. What most couples forget is that they are also hosting this event and they need to keep their guests happy and comfortable.

Think about it, when you invite someone over for dinner you don't make something that only you like to eat. You consider what the other person likes and do what you can to make sure they enjoy themselves. While the wedding day is about you (and your groom), take some of your time to make sure your guests will enjoy themselves.

So, how can you keep your guests happy?

Be kind when making seating arrangements. If you are going to take the time to have arranged seating, be considerate and think about where your guests will want to sit.

Now we all know that you can't keep everyone happy and you'll go crazy if you try to, but you can try to keep family and friends together. If a guest is coming alone or doesn't know anyone else, try to seat them with people that have similar interests.

Communicate the dress code. I really can't stress this enough. Let your guests know ahead of time what you expect them to wear. Is your event black tie or flip flops on the beach? For more on this check out see our post "The Wedding Guest Dress Code" from last week.

Inform guests about parking. Where can they park? Where can't they? Will they need to pay to park? If so, how much will it cost?

Consider providing your guests with maps and/or clear directions to your event. Post this information on your wedding website. You may even want to include a neatly printed map with your invitations. Make it as easy as possible for guests to find your venue.

Avoid hungry guests. If you are planning to have post-ceremony pictures done while your guests are waiting at the reception, plan to have a cocktail hour with heavy hor d'oeuvres. Try to eliminate an enormous gap of time between the ceremony and the reception meal.

It's relatively easy to keep your guests happy. You can also think about weddings you've been to in the past. What did you like about those weddings? What didn't you like? Plan accordingly.