Monday, January 21, 2013

Wedding Reception Send Offs | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Rice and birdseed are a thing of the past. Brides today are looking for new and fun ways to exit their ceremony. We've come up with some great new ideas for your special send off. You can also check out our Pinterest page for even more great ideas!

1. Confetti
2. Sparklers
3. Sprinkles
4. Floating Lanterns
5. Flower Petals
6. Party Poppers
7. Ribbon Wands
8. Bubbles
9. Beach Balls
10. Balloons
11. Glow Sticks
12. Handkerchiefs
13. Paper Airplanes
14. Silly String

** Remember, that before you get too attached to any of these beautiful ideas to check with your venue about their restrictions. Many venues do not allow confetti and probably wouldn't be crazy about sprinkles everywhere, but may be okay with sparklers. All of this information should be broken down in your contract. **

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