Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Venue Coordinators vs. Wedding Coordinators | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Let me start off by saying that I love working with venue coordinators and have lots of lovely things to say about them, just keep reading.
Many venues offer venue coordinators that to most brides sound like a wedding coordinator, but beware because they are not the same! Often brides will book a venue and be told that they don’t need a wedding coordinator because the venue coordinator will take care of everything. THEY WON’T!

I know you’re wondering, well, what’s the big difference?! Ask them.
Will the venue coordinator direct your rehearsal? Will they make sure that you get the marriage license to the Officiant? Not likely, but your wedding coordinator will.

Will the venue coordinator set up the d├ęcor you provided? Will they make sure the tablecloths are ironed and that your centerpieces are perfectly arranged? I doubt it, but your wedding coordinator will.

Will your venue coordinator help you plan your ceremony? Will they help coordinate who walks with whom, when they will walk, and time it with your musical selections? No, but your wedding coordinator will.

If you forgot something, will your venue coordinator run out and pick it up for you? Absolutely not, but your wedding coordinator will.
Will your venue coordinator touch base with all of your vendors before the wedding day? Will they confirm all of the little details with them and ensure that your contracts are carried out to the letter? No way, but your wedding coordinator will!
Will the venue coordinator carefully clean up and pack up all of your personal items after the wedding? Will they deliver your gifts or help load them into your car before you leave? I doubt it, but your wedding coordinator will.

The biggest difference is that you will hire a wedding coordinator that is there to work for YOU! They will make sure everything goes smoothly to keep you happy. A venue coordinator works for the VENUE and works to keep them happy.
Don’t get me wrong, venue coordinators are great at what they do and they are a huge help to wedding coordinators. They do so much to help with your wedding, but because they do so much they can’t possibly take on the role of wedding coordinator as well. They will make sure the caterer knows where to take out the trash and keep the bathroom stocked with soap and toilet paper. They are great at what they do. It’s not that they don’t want to help you with everything that a wedding coordinator does, but by being a great venue coordinator they won’t have the time to be a great wedding coordinator.

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