Friday, January 27, 2012

Importance of a Wedding Coordinator, Part I | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Growing up I was a typical girl. I loved Barbies, everything pink, and dreamed endlessly about my wedding day. If my Barbies had received a bill after their many weddings, it probably would have bankrupted the entire Matel company!
I think every little girl dreams of her big day, from the perfect white dress, all of the flowers, and of course their prince charming. While we all think of those wonderful little details and all the ways that we would put our own personal touch on our special day, we never think about all the work it takes to assemble this dream wedding. We certainly don’t think about who will put out all of the chairs and tables, who will assemble the centerpieces, who will make the food, who will serve it, who will make sure that the wedding party gets down the aisle in an orderly and beautiful manner, and so on. I’m guessing in your dream, the person achieving any of these tasks is not you.
Take a minute to think about it. What is it that you really want to do on the morning of your wedding? Would you like to sleep in? Enjoy a massage or a few hours at a spa? Mimosas with your bridesmaids? Maybe even a little extra time taking photos with your bridesmaids, or maybe even your parents?
I wish those are the things I had been doing on my wedding day! See I never dreamed about being a wedding planner. While I envisioned my perfect day over and over, I never even gave a second thought to who would orchestrate everything for me. I enjoyed the DIY aspects of my wedding and putting my personal touch on everything. While many vendors become frustrated with DIY brides because they think they’re only trying to save a buck, I get it. For me, it really was about wanting to have those special favors and programs that showed just who we were. I enjoyed all of the planning, the crafting, and my ‘type A’ personality came in handy with impressive organizational skills, but I was not prepared for the wedding day.
The night before my wedding, I was up until 2:00am preparing spaghetti and meatballs, baked ziti, and salad for almost 200 guests and packing the car with all my boxes of wedding decorations. By the time things were cleaned up and I could actually get in bed it was just about time to get up and head to the salon. By the time we finished at the salon, we had to rush over to the venue and start setting everything up, and I do mean everything!
Once we got there, it was one disaster after another. It started with tablecloths that had come in the wrong size. They barely covered the tables. At that point it was too late to do anything about it, since everything else had to be set up. I had to meet and greet all of my vendors and make sure they were setting up in the right place. Luckily I was blessed with wonderful bridesmaids and one terrific friend who were willing to help, but they should have been able to enjoy the day.
By the time the reception began, the groom’s cake had been devoured…before the groom even got to see it! The food was gone long before we could get a plate (we got the joy of enjoying McDonald’s after the reception for our wedding day meal).
After spending the entire day running, the wedding all seemed like a blur. I realized at this point that no one’s wedding should be this stressful. I felt it was my job to make sure that no one else had to spend their wedding day the way I had. I needed to be a wedding planner!
It seems like when you’re planning a wedding, everyone is always there to give you advice even when you don’t ask for it. One tidbit of advice they never give you is the importance of a wedding planner or at the very least a wedding coordinator. You will need help that day and even if you don’t think so now, what will you do when you realize it on your big day?
Don’t let your wedding day be a day that rushes by and be filled with responsibilities and stress. You can enjoy your day. You can soak up every minute and just enjoy being married. After all, that’s really what you’ve been planning for isn’t it?
Check back next week for The Importance of a Wedding Planner, Part II

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