Monday, January 30, 2012

Importance of a Wedding Coordinator, Part II | North Carolina Wedding Planner

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of a wedding planner or at the very least a wedding coordinator. Today, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the value of a wedding planner.
I get emails everyday from brides that are planning their very special day. Many are only a few months away from their big day, some have even less time than that. Most of them start their emails with the package that they want and go into a lot of detail about the extravagant wedding they plan to have. The next line has been pretty standard recently and I think it really does reflect the state of our economy but also the fact that many brides don’t understand the value of a quality wedding planner and/or coordinator. That line is, “I don’t have a very big budget.”
While I don’t list my prices on my website, many potential clients assume that the prices will be too high. Some assume that because I don’t list them, they are too high.
While part of the problem is that brides don’t fully understand the value of a quality wedding planner and/or coordinator, there may also be a problem on the vendors end. Brides can’t make money come out of thin air and it is possible to get through your wedding day without a wedding planner or coordinator, but do you really want to just “get through” your wedding day?
When brides pay a photographer, they receive prints or a CD of their images. When they hire a caterer, they get to consume what is hopefully delicious food. However, when they hire a wedding planner and/or coordinator, they receive nothing tangible and therefore often the value is forgotten.
So what do you receive when you hire a wedding planner and/or coordinator? You receive everything that I didn’t on my big day. You’ll have the opportunity to sleep in or take in some time at the spa. You could enjoy mimosas and a long breakfast with your bridesmaids. You will get to arrive at your reception venue and know that everything is already done and exactly the way you planned. You can walk down the aisle without worrying about if the guests are having a good time, if there is plenty of food, if the DJ is playing the right music, etc. You can simply enjoy the moments of your special day.
Enjoy the little moments beforehand, enjoy the ceremony, your first dance, the cake cutting, and especially that very first kiss after you are announced as a married couple! How much is that worth to you? Do you think you could put a price on simply being able to enjoy every second of that very special day?
On the other hand, it really is impossible to pull money out of thin air. You have a budget for a reason and you can’t constantly spend more than planned. However, another misconception is that a wedding planner is an additional expense. It’s quite the contrary! A wedding planner should be included in the original budget. Their job is to save you money along the way. They will come up with creative ways to stretch your budget and achieve a beautiful wedding day for you.
Everyone can afford a wedding coordinator, especially at Any Way You Want It Weddings & Events. It’s all about finding a package at a price that suits your wedding and your budget. That is what we do. If we don’t have a package that already fits those needs, we will create one just for you.
A skilled wedding planner will be worth every single penny, but part of their job is to make their package fit not only your needs but also your budget. While this may mean that you can’t get the most expensive package or even all of the frills, you can afford a stress-free wedding day.
We work very hard to accommodate all of the desires of our clients, but many of them don’t completely understand the value of these services until their actual wedding day. I hear all of the time that if you choose a “cheap” wedding coordinator, then you are choosing an unskilled coordinator. While this may be true, it does not mean that the most expensive wedding coordinator or planner is the best. The best wedding coordinator/planner is the one that will work hard to provide you with the services you need at a price that you can afford.

Check back next week for How to Find the Perfect Wedding Planner

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