Monday, June 10, 2013

Flower Girl Inspiration | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Who doesn't love a flower girl? They are seriously one of my favorite parts of a wedding (although that may because I have my own little lady at home) and I always look forward to watching these little cutie pies coming down the aisle.

I keep coming across all of these wonderful flower girl dresses and ideas, so I thought today I would take some time to share them with you. I swear I don't know if all of these little ladies are making me wedding crazy or baby crazy, but it has been so much fun finding all of these amazing images!!
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Great Ideas for Your Flower Girl:
I love this idea that I found on Pinterest. Have your flower girl deliver a note to your hubby (or perhaps he could have the ring bearer deliver one to you) before the ceremony.

Worried about cell phones ringing during your ceremony? Check out this hilarious idea!
Creative Flower Girl Baskets:
Absolutely Amazing Flower Girl Dresses:
I love the simplicity of these little dresses and they would be a perfect place for a DIY bride to cut costs. You could easily choose leotards to match your wedding colors and tutus are so easy to make. 
This sweet little dress was created by Frills From Top 2 Bottom.
I am so in love with this flower girl dress by Doloris Petunia!! I just can't get enough of it!

Flower Girl Signs:
And of course I couldn't end this post without sharing a few of my very favorite flower girl photos!

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