Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lighting Lingo | North Carolina Wedding Planner

For many brides, the thought of lighting their venue doesn't even cross their mind, but it should. While this is not a necessary expense it can completely change the vibe of a room. I thought it might be helpful if our readers were able to tell the difference between different types of lighting so that you all could decide if lighting would enhance your special day.

Ambient or diffused light is the main light in the room. It can come from natural light or artificial sources. This light should soften or flatter and you can use accent lighting to make specific area or architectural features stand out.

Bee, fairy, or twinkle lights: Strings of tiny lights (think Christmas lights). Can be used behind transparent or translucent fabrics, on banisters, or in trees. They add a magical touch.
Gobos: Custom-made or rented stencils that go over lights to project paterns such as stars, moon, snowflakes, monograms, or musical notes onto walls, dance floors, or draped fabric.
Pin Spots: Narrow beams that target centerpieces, the cake or anything demanding special attention. They can be hung from the ceiling or directed from light poles, they're often used in pairs or sets to give cross-directional light. The darker the room, the more dramatic the pin spots will appear.
Up-lights and down lights: Also known as "light-cans," which are usually painted tto match the space. Used to project beams of light upward fro mthe base of an urn or tree or down onto a mantel or alter. A recent trend is to put battery-operated up-lights under plexiglass tables to create a surreal glow.
Washes: Colors, usually pastels, projected over large spaces such as bars or dance floors that bathe the area in a particular light.
Intelli-beams: Also known as intelligent lighting. These computerized systems can be programmed to generate complex patterns and a multitude of colors.
I hope this helps break down the different types of lighting and gives all of you some options for lighting your own special day. Need more ideas? Email us to set up a complementary consultation and we'll sit down with you and talk about your wedding over a cup of coffee.


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