Friday, January 11, 2013

Welcome Baskets | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Welcome baskets for out of town guests are becoming increasingly popular and your guests really do appreciate them, especially for destination weddings.
Welcome baskets typically contain local products and maps or brochures of things to do. I thought it would be a great idea to pull together some great ideas to help you create some awesome welcome baskets for your special guests. You can also follow us on Pinterest for even more great ideas. Enjoy!

The packaging for your welcome "baskets" is just as important as all of the great things you find to fill it with. You can try to follow the theme or color scheme of your wedding or try some of these fun ideas.
Try to find great local products to fill up your baskets. Your guests will enjoy having a little piece of your wedding destination to take home with them. Remember if your wedding requires your guests to fly, only include items that can be transported back on the plane with them. Check out some of our favorite ideas to include in your baskets.
It's also a great idea to include a schedule of the wedding events in the baskets. Instead of simply printing a document with this information, consider something a little more creative like these great ideas.
The local Visitor's Center or even the Chamber of Commerce should have brochures for local activities. Be sure to include these in your baskets too so your guest know what there is to do in the area.
More than anything, have fun with it. The more you enjoy pulling these baskets together, the more that your guests will enjoy them. Have fun!!

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