Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn Weddings, Inspiration & More | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year and when you throw in a wedding, I get all giddy. We've had the opportunity to create and coordinate some truly fabulous autumn weddings.

Photo courtesy of ASB Photography

I love everything about autumn weddings, from pumpkin decor to incorporating hues of amber and deep reds, you just can go wrong. Even the flowers are unique. I am an especially big fan of mums and sunflowers, and even the changing leaves can be tied in to your decor.

Autumn Wedding Tip #1: The weather is perfect for an outdoor ceremony or reception and the natural beauty is easy on your pursestrings. Collecting all of those beautiful leaves to decorate your aisle may take some time but you'll save a fortune on aisle decor!

Autumn Wedding Tip #2: One of my favorite alternative guestbook ideas is a wishing tree. With leaves already so prominent during fall, why not incorporate this fun guestbook. Cut out paper leaves and let guests write nice notes to you and your groom and hang them on your wishing tree. One of our brides even used her wishing tree to hold her jewelry after the wedding. Another option is to paint a wishing tree onto a large canvas. Provide colored stamp pads (think oranges, reds, browns, etc) for guests to place their fingerprints (leaves) onto the tree and sign their name. This would make a cute keepsake that you might actually display in your home.

Autumn Wedding Tip #3: Incorporate the season into your menu. Whether you choose a custom cocktail, create Martha Stewart's fall lasagna, or maybe even something a little more casual like hot apple cider or caramel apples. Guests will love this festive touch!

Autumn Wedding Tip #4: Okay, this one totally branches off of tip #1, but it's worth saying again. Save money by using natural decor! Check out some of these amazing centerpieces using leaves that you could find on your own!

Autumn Wedding Tip #5: You can never go wrong with edible favors and autumn offers plenty of opportunity for seasonal food favors. Make your own s'more kits, jars of honey, or pie pops would make unique and delicious favors for all of your guests. Think outside of the box and come up with something that will please the taste buds of all of your lovely guests.

I hope these tips are helpful as your planning your own fall nuptials!! Happy Planning!!

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