Friday, October 19, 2012

Creative Photo Booth Ideas | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Having a photo booth at your wedding is always a fantastic and fun way to capture your guests truly enjoying your wedding. Everyone loves the old-school photo booths, but photo booths have become so popular that there are new ideas popping up everywhere. Many couples are even incorporating their photo booths into their guestbooks, but having guests sign and add their photos to a blank book.

If you are planning to have a photo booth at your event, be sure to discuss your ideas with your photographer or hire a professional photo booth company, like If It’s Digital.

Be sure to have an area dedicated to the photo booth. Make it easy for guests to get to, but will not be overrun with traffic. Have a photographer standing by or a camera on a tripod with clear instructions. If you’re planning to use props, have them in clear view and make sure guests know that they are welcome to use them. You’re bound to end up with some fabulous pictures!!

Check out some of our favorite photo booth ideas!

Do you have more photo booth ideas? We'd love to see them!! Share them in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or email them to us!

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