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Why Hire a Professional Photographer | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Today we are very excited to feature our very first guest blogger, Elizabeth Glessner of Glessner Photography. Elizabeth is a wonderful photographer with a great personality. If you're looking for an amazing photographer for your wedding day give Glessner Photography a call, right after you read this blog of course!
Today, everyone has a digital camera and is more than willing to photograph your wedding for free. And let’s be real… who doesn’t like free? BUT, you know that saying if something seems too good to be true, it probably is? That applies here.  
The truth is that great wedding photography is something that comes with lots of training, practice, and experience, which usually translates into money. The one thing all too many brides forget is this: at the end of the day, after you’ve invested hundreds of hours of your time into planning a spectacular event and your hard earned cash is spent on a dress, venue, planner, cake, etc., all you’ll have left besides your memories are the photographs that bring them to life. 
Of course, a photographer is going to tell you that you should hire a professional... because they want you to hire them, right? While we love working with our clients, we know not everyone is the right fit for us. So if not for the money, why would we want you to hire an experienced professional?

           1. Expecting the Unexpected. On a wedding day, even with the best of planners, things sometimes don’t unfold exactly as planned. Sometimes the bride is running an hour late or it rains and your beautiful outdoor wedding is moved indoors. Professional photographers are prepared for all sorts of situations. They don’t cave under pressure. They alter the schedule without panic when someone is running late. They have the lights and equipment necessary to make the images from a sudden indoor wedding look just as beautiful as the outdoor event you were planning.
           2. Planning is key. One of the great benefits to a professional is that they know the importance of planning in advance. They work with your planner weeks in advance of your wedding to make sure everyone is on the same page. They know how to avoid chaos and missed photos. For example, we send out a pre-wedding questionnaire to all of our brides about a month before their event to find out the names of the wedding party (so we’re not shouting out “hey you!”), get a list of the must-have family photos, and figure out what special customs might be taking place that we definitely don’t want to miss because we didn’t know about it.

            3. Be Equipped. Professional photographers have a range of equipment to accommodate a variety of circumstances. Nikon v. Canon doesn’t really matter all that much, but fast lenses, lighting, and good camera bodies that operate well in low light are very important for capturing a wedding. And what happens when a camera or a flash malfunctions and decides not to work? A pro has backup equipment and keeps shooting with business as usual.

            4. Equipment isn’t everything, though. A person can have all the right equipment, but if they don’t know how to use it, it’s worthless. A good photographer knows how to use their camera in various settings, utilize lighting so that it flatters the subject, and compose a breathtaking photo. Most importantly, professionals bring vision along with their equipment to your wedding day.

            5. Date your photographer. When all is said and done, the most important thing when hiring the person to capture your big day (much like in dating and marriage) is to know, love, and trust your photographer. Know what to expect from them throughout the pre-wedding, wedding day, and post-wedding process, love their work, and trust them without doubt to capture your day.

Elizabeth Glessner is the owner and lead photographer of Glessner Photography in High Point, North Carolina.

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