Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Customizing Your Wedding Ceremony | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Customizing your wedding ceremony can be fun and there are so many great and unique ways for you and your fiance to create your perfect wedding ceremony. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Unity Candle: The Unity candle ceremony involves three candles. The first candle symbolizes the bride, the second the groom, and the middle candle represents the union of the two (their marriage). Often the mothers of the bride and groom will light the smaller candles and the bride and groom will use those candles to light the middle candle.

Sand Ceremony: Generally involves 3 glass vessels. One holds the bride's sand, one holds the groom's, and the third is empty. As the bride and groom pour their sand into the empty vessel, their sand mixes. Symbolizes the blending of two different beings, the bride and the groom, into a single, inseparable unit that is their marriage, the joining of their lives. Hard as it would be to separate out those grains of sand, that's how difficult it is to separate these two people. Perfect for a beach wedding or anywhere with a light breeze that may make it difficult to light a unity candle.

Rope Ceremony: The Cord of Three Strands Ceremony symbolizes the joining of two people and God into a marriage relationship. By keeping God at the center of your marriage, His love will continue to bind the couple together.

Honey Ceremony: During the honey ceremony  the bride and groom to each dip a finger into the honey, and are invited to taste the sweetness of the honey. This symbolizes how sweet you vow to be to each other every day of your marriage. This is great for destination weddings, since you could incorporate local honey and even provide this as favors to your guests.

Rose Ceremony:  The bride and groom exchange two red roses, symbolizing the giving and receiving of their love for each other throughout their entire married life. 


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