Thursday, November 29, 2012

Formatting Your Wedding Ceremony | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Preludes, interludes, and readings...oh my!! Where do you even begin?
How do these seemingly random pieces fit together to create your ideal wedding ceremony? There are many ways to personalize your ceremony but the general "formula" is pretty simple.
Prelude: Typically lasts about 15-45 minutes. There is generally light, festive music performed by your ceremony musicians as your guests arrive and are shown to their seats. The final guests to be seated are usually the grandparents, mothers, and any other special family members. You may even choose special musical selections for these entrances.

Welcome/Opening Remarks: Your officiant will greet your guests and remind them why they are gathered on this special day. They may also offer a short sermon or prayer.
Readings: It is incredibly common to invite loved ones and/or close friends to read selections that either you or they have selected to add meaning to your marriage ceremony.
Question of Intent: During this part of your ceremony, your officiant will ask you about your willing consent and commitment to enter into the union of marriage.
Vows: You can exchange traditional vows with your fiance or perhaps even write your own vows. This is the time to tell your fiance about your promises and hopes for the future and your commitment to each other.
Exchange of Rings: This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Special Ceremony: This can be anything from a unity candle or sand ceremony to something even more unique like a honey ceremony. We'll be talking more about ways to customize your wedding ceremony in an upcoming post. Be sure to check back for that.

Final Blessing: Your officiant will bless you as newlyweds, you will share your first married kiss, and he will announce you as Mr. & Mrs. for the very first time!

Recessional: You and your spouse will take your first walk down the aisle as a married couple! You will be followed by your attendants, family, and wedding guests. Music should begin following your first married kiss.

Postlude: Upbeat and festive music should continue until all of the guests have exited the ceremony area.

Have any questions about formatting your ceremony? Email us to set up a complementary consultation to discuss how we can help you create your dream wedding!

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