Friday, March 23, 2012

Buying the Perfect Wedding Gift | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Normally my posts are directed directly to brides and grooms planning their wedding. Today, let’s take a slightly different path and explore the extra fun part of weddings for the guests…buying the perfect gift.

For married couples it is especially excited when a close friend gets married. It’s always a joy to have another married couple to hang out with and to socialize with. But when that special day comes, what will you buy that very special friend?
What is a traditional bridal gift? Mixers, blenders, lamps, money, etc. Traditional gifts are usually something the couple will need for their new home.

Today many couples live together before they get married so when the wedding rolls around they don’t need any of the traditional gifts. So what is a non-traditional or less traditional gift? A spa trip, a nice bottle of wine, or a coffee table book that would interest the bride and groom.

If you’re rolling in dough and you want to do something elaborate, send the couple on their dream honeymoon, make a house payment for them, have a hot tub installed in their backyard – the sky’s the limit if there’s no budget. J

Running on a tight budget? How about a scrapbook for the couple, a CD of their favorite music, or even a DVD slideshow of pictures of the couple.

While finding, or making, the perfect gift can be a lot of fun it really doesn’t matter how much you spend or how much time you spend on the gift as long as you’re there to share in their special day.

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