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Choosing Your Wedding Planner | North Carolina Wedding Planner

So you’ve decided to hire a wedding planner and you have a consultation set up…now what? What questions should you ask? How will you decide between the planners you’ve narrowed it down to? How will you know which planner will be the perfect fit for your wedding?
When you’re researching wedding planners you may not see a big difference in their services. Many planners offer similar services, which only makes it more difficult to figure out what is unique about them. Your initial consultation with a planner is a great time to find out about their style, check out their portfolio, and ask questions.
A planners website is one of the best ways to see what they have to offer. Not only can you view what packages and services they offer, but the style of the website should give you some insight into their style. Do they have past weddings featured on their site? If so, check them out. Testimonials? See what past bride’s are saying about them. Obviously a bad review would not be featured on their website, but seeing what these brides have to say is still helpful.

Don’t just stop at their website though. “Like” them on Facebook, follow them Pinterest, and read their blog. You can also look for them on sites like Wedding Wire and read their reviews.
If you’ve done all of this and they still seem like a good fit, set up a consultation. Be prepared when you come to the consultation. You wouldn’t go to the doctor without your illness, so don’t go to this meeting without all of your wedding info.
Know your wedding date. If the planner is already booked for your date, it’s not necessary to waste both your time on the meeting. Have an estimated head count and know your budget.
Have you booked any other vendors? It may be helpful to know if this planner has worked with any of these vendors before.
The planner should come prepared with their portfolio. Look through it and ask questions. It’s difficult to capture a planner’s work in photos so look for elements that stand out to you and ask what exactly the planner was responsible for. What did they create? What was created by other vendors? This will also help with design inspiration and give you a clear idea how this planner will handle your wedding day.
Asking questions is by far the most important and useful thing you can do during this meeting! Do not be afraid to ask questions. It is their job to answer them – this meeting is an opportunity for them to sell themselves and for both of you to see if you would be a good fit together. As you’re researching planners, jot down any questions you think of – you will not remember everything during the meeting and you’ll be kicking yourself later for not asking that one question.
Ask the planner about how they started their business, how long have they been in business, what do they love about weddings, and what can they offer to enhance your wedding.
This meeting is more than a job interview. You’re not just looking for anybody to fill the position of your wedding planner, you’re looking for the perfect fit. The planner you choose should enhance your wedding. You’ll know when you meet with them – you’ll feel it. There will be a personal connection. The planner is looking for that same feeling with you, or at least they should be. You're both going to be spending a lot of time together and you want to click.
Be prepared to talk about yourself, your engagement, your fiancé, and your wedding. Also be prepared to listen to their ideas, what services they have to offer, and their pricing.
By the time you’re nearing the end of the meeting you will know whether this planner is the right fit or not. Go with that feeling. If this planner is the right fit, you should feel like they “get” you, they “get” your wedding vision, and they are ready to help make your wedding dreams come true. You should feel like you had a conversation with this planner instead of a consultation.
It is important that you feel this way about all of your vendors! If you meet with me and don’t get those warm fuzzies than I would happily suggest that you visit another planner in town.
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