Friday, March 2, 2012

How to Get Your Groom Involved | North Carolina Wedding Planner

Alright brides don’t get offended, I know it’s your big day, but we have to admit that it’s the groom’s day too. Most grooms just want to know when and where to show up, but if you want to get your groom involved, I’ve got some great suggestions!

1. Picking out wedding bands. Whether you’re choosing matching bands or creating something from scratch the groom’s opinion is important here, especially since he’ll be wearing one of them.

2. Thinking about a “co-ed” bridal shower? If it’s warm enough outside, have a girly shower inside and invite the guys outside for a cookout, drinks, and maybe even a game of poker or cornhole. They’ll be wishing they could attend every bridal shower if they were all thrown this way.

3. The marriage license. You can get this without Groomy!  Make sure you find out all of the requirements before you head to the courthouse to apply. In NC, a marriage license is only valid for 60 days so be sure you don’t apply for it too early.

4. Picking his attendants. From the best man to the groomsmen and even the ushers. It is considered courtesy to include a soon-to-be brother-in-law or brothers-in-law. When it comes to ushers, the rule is 1 usher per 50 guests.

5. Picking out groomsmen gifts. This a great way for him to thank the guys closest to him for taking time to participate in the big day. Cuff links & watches are a great idea or maybe even taking them all to a sporting event beforehand.

6. Are you planning to write your own wedding vows? This is the perfect way for him to share how he feels about you and what marriage means to him.

7. Bachelor Party. Are you uncomfortable with the bars & strip clubs? Discuss the “rules” of the bachelor/bachelorette parties beforehand and stick to them.

8. Attire. Give him the say-so when it comes to his tux and the attire for his attendants. Feel free to give your opinion and make sure that it doesn’t contrast the theme of the wedding, but remember that you wouldn’t want him to pick your dress.

9. The Groom’s Cake. There are two ways to involve your groom here. Either let him choose the cake or you can order the cake to reflect his interests as a surprise for him.

10. The toast. Having your groom give a thank you toast at the wedding reception.

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