Monday, March 26, 2012

WARNING: The Dangers of the One Stop Shop Vendor | North Carolina Wedding Planner

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “what exactly is a one stop shop vendor?” There are many vendors that offer additional services, as long as the services are related to their field. Is it okay that your venue provides catering? Absolutely! Does your photographer offer videography? That’s terrific! A vendor that offers additional services in their own field can save you lots of time and money.
Does your DJ offers floral design & photography? That’s a problem! A one shop shop vendor offers everything, or close to it. You may run into the florist that claims to be a photographer and a wedding planner or the caterer that can provide you with everything except the venue – some will even provide the venue! These are the vendors to stay away from.
 Think about it, would you go to your accountant if you were sick? Would you ask your doctor to do your taxes? I doubt it. I’m guessing you would seek out a specialist in their field.
Vendors like this are unable to focus on providing the best service, they’re just providing some type of service. Quantity and quality of services do not go hand-in-hand here. Choose a vendor that is a specialist in their field to help guarantee that you receive top-quality service.
Have you used a one stop shop vendor? Was it a negative or positive experience? We would love to hear your thoughts, but please refrain from using the vendors name. J

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